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Today, June 5th is World Environment Day! This year the world is setting its sights on beating plastic pollution. Meet Eosta, a member of IFOAM – Organics International,  who is doing just that by replacing plastic with Natural Branding on their organic fruit and vegetables.

Natural Branding

Nature and More, an initiative of EOSTA, was the first company to introduce ‘Natural Branding’ in Europe. In supermarkets, organic fruits and vegetables are usually packed in environmentally unfriendly plastic foil in order to distinguish them from the non-organic alternative. This is important for supermarkets because they have to ensure that there is no misunderstanding at the checkout as to whether someone is buying an organic or non-organic product. Natural Branding is changing this. It is the organic approach to marking fruits and vegetables with a laser beam instead of having to wrap them in plastic.  In the process, a bit of pigment is removed from the outer layer of the peel. This contact-free method was approved by EU Organic certifier SKAL, no additional substances are used, and the method is so superficial that it has no effect on taste or shelf life.


If You Can’t Reuse It, Refuse It

Thanks to this innovation it is no longer necessary to pack the organic products in harmful plastic foil. The energy needed for branding fruit is less than 1% of the energy needed for a sticker. Natural Branding saves tons of plastic and other packaging material. In fact, for just one product line for one customer, they are saving over 750,000 packaging units. Tons of plastic which, measured in CO2-emissions, is equivalent to an average car driving 1.3 times around the world!

The Best Packaging is No Packaging

Natural Branding has not gone unnoticed. Eosta was awarded the Packaging Award 2018 in the category of sustainability. Paul Hendriks, packaging expert at Nature & More says “We think that green consumers will be delighted because research shows again and again that they disapprove of plastic packaging.”

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We congratulate EOSTA on taking this groundbreaking step toward eliminating plastic packaging in the food industry and wish you all a Happy World Environment Day!