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There are many things that connect people the world over. Food is one of them. We all have to eat. And, everyone has the right to access affordable, nutritious, good food.

But what about those who grow our food?
Do we know enough about the challenges they face, the work they do and how we can support them?
We asked farmers to share their video stories and hope you enjoy listening to what they have to say.

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Meet Lutz, Katharina, Christine, and Felix from Austria

Lutz, Katharina, Christine, and Felix have merged 2 farms into one cooperative. They about how they farm ecologically and sell directly to customers.

Meet Joseph Lwevuze from Uganda

Joseph Lwevuze is an organic farmer from the Luweero District in Uganda. He talks about food security and farmer livelihoods.

Meet Fergal Anderson from Ireland

Fergal Anderson is a small-scale organic farmer based in Galway, Ireland. He has a message on why policy-makers need to listen to their citizens and not agri-business.

Meet Helena Švermová from Czech Republic

Helena Švermová, an organic farmer from Czech Republic. She talks about an old orchard, bees and other passions she has.

Meet Helena Švermová from Sweden

Jonas Ringqvist, an organic farmer from Sweden. He talks about the agricultural policy that supporting organic farming.

The Good Food for All campaign is organized by 25 partners across Europe who have come together in “Make Europe Sustainable for All”, a 3-year cross-sectoral project to promote the ambitious implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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