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Today, on World Food Day, IFOAM –  Organics International is launching Honest Food, a campaign aiming to inspire citizens to make better food choices by highlighting the benefits of organic, local, seasonal and fair food on people and the planet. We ask you to join us in making this campaign a success!

Let’s be Honest

We live in a world where food is messed around with. It’s produced using harmful chemicals that damage our health, wildlife and the environment. It’s packed in plastic and unnecessarily shipped around the world. Farmers the world over are not making a decent living. Access to quality food and proper nutrition is not a reality for millions of people worldwide.

Unsustainable agriculture is contributing to global warming, contaminating soil, threatening rural livelihoods as well as food & nutrition security.

For example, in Europe 60 billion euro of EU taxpayers’ money is spent every year on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidies that mostly fund intensive and factory farming.

Food with Nothing to Hide

But things are changing. And so is the way we eat. More and more people are choosing Honest Food.

Honest Food is food with nothing to hide. And it’s an easy way to do good. It’s grown in harmony with nature. It pays farmers a fair price. It’s simple, straightforward food you can trust. It’s better for you, the farmer and the planet.

Organic –  Part of the Solution

A recent report has shown organic agriculture can help shape a transition to sustainable food systems and contribute to sustainable development. For this to happen, we ask policy makers to:

Develop policies supporting sustainable agricultural practices such as organic agriculture and abolish perverse subsidies for unsustainable, input-intensive industrial agriculture.

Introduce measures enhancing smallholders’ welfare as well as the establishment and strengthening of short food supply chains and public procurement of sustainably produced food.

Design national programs and schemes which support information and awareness raising campaigns for citizens on healthy, sustainable and responsible food choices, including supply chain incentives, targeted subsidies and taxes, to promote healthy eating, with due consideration to the overall impact on vulnerable groups.

Farming for the Future

Done right, agriculture contributes to food and nutrition security, generates decent incomes, and protects the environment. We can already see how this can work in our short film We Unite where organic farmers share their vision of the future of food and farming.

Join Honest Food

  • Go to the website and download the materials you want to share using #eathonest.
  • Customize the content by requesting access to the original design files. This video shows how the toolkit can be used. Share using #eathonest.
  • Share your own #eathonest messages highlighting the reasons why we need to produce and consume responsibly and sustainably.

If you would like to learn more about the campaign, please send a mail to