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With our event ‘Food without Farmers’ on 23.04.2020, we reached 1 million people on social media, and 7,000 people tuned in from all over the world.

With a brilliant panel of 14 experienced speakers and a highly engaged audience, we had some great discussions about the role organic agriculture can play in shaping sustainable food systems as well as the potential of lab-grown food to alleviate the climate crisis.

On the role of farmers, Julia Lernoud, one of our panelists and board member at IFOAM – Organics International said,

At the moment we are clapping for all the essential workers getting us through this crisis. I think we need to include farmers here. They are the ones ensuring we have enough food to eat. Let’s clap for famers!

Key messages from the discussion

1. True cost accounting is needed to internalize the externalized costs of our food systems, creating a level playing field for food coming from sustainable production.

2. Governments have taken see swift action on COVID-19, we also need to see decisive steps to tackle climate change and the degradation of our natural resources.

3. A transition to healthy and sustainable diets is needed globally which includes cutting back on meat consumption in the developed world.

4. Technology, like microbial protein production, has to be taken out of the hands of corporations, they need to be people-owned and open-source in order to feed people without exacerbating climate change.

5. We need to take care of our productive landscapes or ‘foodscapes’ not only to protect nature, our waters and soils, but also to save people’s livelihoods.

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