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Women farmers play a fundamental role in ensuring food security in rural societies. Empowering women to farm organically can increase yields, provide a greater nutritional diversity of fruit and vegetables, and increase household income from surplus sales. To honor the UN’s International Day of Rural Women, we have compiled seven stories of exemplary rural women working to make a difference in organic agriculture.

Cultivating Cacao - a Female Farmer Carries on the Family Trade, Organically!
Women Farmers – Gatekeepers to Food & Nutrition Security!
Meet Ailbhe Gerrard – an organic farmer from Ireland
Meet Lucille Ortiz, Working for Farmer Empowerment in the Philippines
“What You Do Makes A Difference…” Meet Organic Farmers – Jenny & Janet
Ms. Sieng: An Organic Entrepreneur in Cambodia!
Celebrating Women in Organic Agriculture and Fair Trade Enterprises

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