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One day isn’t enough to do justice to the incredible work carried out by women in agriculture around the world. This International Women’s Day and beyond, let’s celebrate the women leading the transformation of our food systems!

Women farmers produce half of the world’s food 👩🏿‍🌾✨

Despite this, female nutrition indicators across all age groups are worse than those of their male counterparts. Women farmers play a key role in ensuring food security, particularly in rural societies, but lack of training, insufficient access to resources, and exclusion from decision-making processes often result in their yields being up to 30% lower than men farmers’.

Ensuring women have the same access to productive resources as men could reduce hunger around the world by as much as 17% according to the World Bank.

Closing the gender gap could raise total agricultural output in developing countries by up to 4%. The right resources could help rural women maximise economic opportunities, increase productivity, and improve food security, education and healthcare around the world, since women tend to reinvest in their households.

Abimbola Sakirat Majolagbe, an activist and an urban farmer seeking to spread awareness and improve the application of sustainable, organic farming in Nigeria. © 2022

Organic can be part of the solution! 💚

Ensures that women, who play a key role in caring for the diet of their communities, can have access to healthier, diversified and nutritious food.

Uses sustainable agricultural practices that avoid the use of chemical inputs like pesticides, which harm women farmers’ health.

Promotes knowledge-intensive practices through technical information and training, which empowers women to act autonomously and independently.

Under the organic principle of fairness, we work towards achieving fairness for all– farmers, workers, processors, distributors, traders and consumers. Organic agriculture should provide everyone involved with a good quality of life, contributing to food sovereignty, the reduction of poverty, and bridging the gender gap!

Women in organics: what’s your message for the world? 🤔

For International Women’s Day, we asked some of the incredible leaders, farmers, and sustainability advocates in the organic community to share a message that matters to them. Hear from them below!

Karen Mapusua, Fiji 🇫🇯

“Organic agriculture embraces rich and vitally important systems, supporting agency for women as agriculturalists and helping to #BreaktheBias that men are farmers and women just help on farms.” Our World Board President Karen Mapusua invites us to celebrate 2022 as the #YearofOrganics.

What’s the Year of Organics?

Karina Gonçalves David, Brazil 🇧🇷

“Agroecology doesn’t just care for species, soil, water–we also care for relationships and have gender equity in decisions.” Karina is an agroforestry farmer who joined the #IGrowYourFood action day to explain how agroecology works to ensure women and youth have access to decision-making power.

What’s #IGrowYourFood?

Yuhui Qiao, China 🇨🇳

“I call on more women to consume more organic food to ensure the health of our planet, our families, and our sisters in organic production!” says Yuhui Qiao, a Board Member of IFOAM Asia. The regional body celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, another reason why we’re dedicating 2022 to the Year of Organics!

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Shamika Mone, India 🇮🇳

A member of the IFOAM – Organics International World Board, Shamika is also the President of the Inter-continental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations. INOFO helps connect organic farmers organisations to allow them to consult, cooperate and, eventually, to speak with a legitimate voice on common concerns.

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Sarah Compson, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Women farming organically work in harmony with nature to nourish and protect their communities, their families, and the planet!” A World Board member of IFOAM – Organics International, Sarah is also the International Development Manager for the Soil Association.

More about Gender Equity in Organics

Fortunate Nyakanda, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

Let’s rally behind women farmers by supporting them with information on organic agriculture farming practises.” Fortunate Nyakanda is a World Board Member of IFOAM – Organics International as well as the chair for the IFOAM Southern Africa Network.

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Ambibola Majolagbe, Nigeria 🇳🇬

The importance of organic can’t be over-emphasised! It’s a way of life that builds eco-friendly environments & people.” An urban farmer and advocate for sustainable agriculture, Abimbola works to improve extension and technical support to farmers. Her documentaries — including the 2022 Agric Reloaded — amplify the voices of farmers who choose to farm organically or using ecological practices.

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Marian Blom, Netherlands 🇳🇱

“Women-managed farms are so diverse, in the crops they grow and the markets they deliver! They’re beautiful examples of sustainable and inclusive food production,” says Marian Blom, Board Vice President of IFOAM Organics Europe. The regional body celebrates its anniversary in 2022, joining the #YearofOrganics celebrations as they look back on 20 years of key advocacy for organics in Europe!

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Natalia Salazar Casas, Ecuador 🇪🇨

“The current economy based on extractive resources restricts youth to fewer opportunities. I call upon all institutions to generate local plans for young farmers to create their own productive economies!” Organic farmer and educator Natalia gave her call to action during the #IGrowYourFood action day.

What’s #IGrowYourFood?

Miyoshi Satoko, Japan 🇯🇵

Organic farming benefits all by enhancing diversity–not only biodiversity in farmland but also diversity in many aspects like cultural and gender diversity.” World Board Member Miyoshi Satoko calls on all to raise awareness of the work done by women choosing to farm and eat organically around the world.

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Women in agriculture: we thank you! 🌱

Every day, let’s celebrate the women spearheading transformation and sustainable change around the world! Help #BreaktheBias by amplifying their voices and the incredible work that they do.

In 2022, let’s celebrate the Year of Organics! 🌟

This year, IFOAM – Organics International will turn 50, IFOAM Organics Europe 20, and IFOAM Asia 10. To mark these milestones, we’re dedicating the year 2022 to raising awareness of the benefits of organic agriculture for people and the planet! Help us spread the word by sharing why you #LuvOrganic on social media and beyond. 💚  Use the free toolkit!