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On 14 September 2022, organic and agroecological farmers took to social media to directly address citizens, policymakers, and other farmers during #IGrowYourFood. But one day isn’t enough to do justice to the incredible work done by farmers around the world. All year long, let’s support the people leading the much-needed transformation of our food systems!

Farmers are the backbone of our global economies and food systems. 👩🏿‍🌾✨

Despite this, farmers often see themselves bearing the brunt of the climate crisis, excluded from decision-making processes, and denied representation in the conversation on the environment, climate, and health.

There are more than 570 million farms worldwide, of which more than 90% are run by an individual or family according to the World Bank.

Making sure farmers meaningfully participate in decision-making that could affect their long-term livelihoods is a crucial step towards making our systems more sustainable. For example, empowering rural women could raise total agricultural output in developing countries by up to 4%, improving food security, education and healthcare worldwide, since women tend to reinvest in their households.

#IGrowYourFood is the first global action day celebrating the people who sustainably grow and handle our food. © Sylvia Kuria, organic farmer, advocate & founder of Sylvia’s Basket 

On #IGrowYourFood day, we asked organic and agroecological farmers: what’s your message? 🤔

On 14 September, the global organic movement came together on social media to hear directly from the incredible farmers, leaders and sustainability advocates spearheading transformation in agriculture. Here were some highlights!

Pavle Djordjevic, Serbia 🇷🇸

Many of our orders come from families with sick children. To help them through that difficult path, we’ve dedicated one hectare to growing organic fruits and vegetables that we give for free to kids who are receiving cancer treatments.” – Organic farmer Pavle gives his message from his farm in Serbia.

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Neltume, Chile 🇨🇱

“I believe in the work of women! I believe in women’s care and in a vision that transcends growing food for human consumption. That’s why I’m a believer of agroecology, of agroforestry, and of the agrobiodiversity that is fundamental for our societies.” – Neltume, an agroforestry farmer from Chile.

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Pippa Hackett, Ireland 🇮🇪

“Supporting sustainable agriculture and food production like organics is one of the most important interventions we can make for our world’s future.” Pippa Hackett, an organic farmer and Ireland’s Minister for Land Use and Biodiversity, gives her message for #IGrowYourFood.

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Shamika Mone, India 🇮🇳

Shamika is a member of the IFOAM – Organics International World Board and President of the Inter-continental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations (INOFO), which helps connect organic farmers organisations to allow them to consult, cooperate and speak with a legitimate voice on common concerns.

What’s INOFO?

Inna Kolosok, Ukraine 🇺🇦

“Of course it’s very difficult to work, hearing explosions every day. But you can’t put growing processes on pause, saying ‘all right plants, see you next year!’” Inna Kolosok, an organic farmer from Ukraine, walked us through her fields in the Sumy region.

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Rita Otu, Nigeria 🇳🇬

“Agriculture is the foundation of civilisation and the backbone of our economy. Women farmers in Nigeria feed and clothe the nation, yet our stories are untold!” Rita Otu told us about Ekongke, a creative story-telling platform that conveys women farmers’ stories.

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Ernest Aubee, the Gambia 🇬🇲

“My message to policymakers in Africa: build capacities and empower smallholder farmers so that we can attain food and nutrition security through organic agriculture!” At #BIOFACH2022, we caught up with Ernest Aubee, Head of Agriculture Division at ECOWAS Commission Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Our Work in Africa

Maya Kumbaric, Serbia 🇷🇸

What we stand for is all natural and organic! We’re doing this because we find joy in working all together as a family to provide healthy food, have happy animals, and preserve biodiversity.” Maya Kumbaric, an organic farmer from Serbia, walks us through her farm. Maya is involved in IFOAM – Organics International’s project for organic trade development in Eastern Europe.

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Ambibola Majolagbe, Nigeria 🇳🇬

“More than ever before, our farmers are ready to support the idea of using their own farm-generated resources instead of synthetic fertilisers. To all of them, I say: thank you!” Abimbola works to improve extension and technical support to farmers. Her documentaries amplify the voices of farmers who choose to farm organically or using ecological practices.

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Quiling Alibango, Philippines 🇵🇭

“At 67 years old, I am still farming organically!” – Quiling Alibango gives her message for #IGrowYourFood. Every Thursday and Friday, you can find Quiling selling her safe, locally grown organic food at Davao City Market, the Philippines. Quiling is a member of INOFO, the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers’ Organisations. 

What’s INOFO?

Kick-off stream 🌻

Sylvia Kuria, an organic farmer, retailer and trainer from Kenya, kicked off the global action day at 11:00 CEST. As an ambassador of IFOAM – Organics International who has taken part in all #IGrowYourFood action days, Sylvia shared how the experience helped her connect with other farmers and how #IGrowYourFood could be taken to the next level.

Panel discussion with farmers 👩🏾‍🌾

At 14:00 CEST, we hosted a live panel discussion with organic farmers Shamika Mone from India, Abimbola Majolagbe from Nigeria and Juan Pablo Pineda from Peru. They discussed how organic contributes to true sustainability and shared their extensive experience in the field!

Organic farmers: we thank you! 🌱

Every day, let’s celebrate the people spearheading transformation and sustainable change around the world! Choose to #LuvOrganic and help amplify their voices and the incredible work that they do. Find out how you can contribute to the next #IGrowYourFood action day here!

In 2022, let’s celebrate the Year of Organics! 🌟

This year, IFOAM – Organics International will turn 50, IFOAM Organics Europe 20, and IFOAM Asia 10. To mark these milestones, we’re dedicating the year 2022 to raising awareness of the benefits of organic agriculture for people and the planet! Help us spread the word by sharing why you #LuvOrganic on social media and beyond. 💚  Use the free toolkit!