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Joelle Katto Andrighetto

Joelle Katto Andrighetto

Head of Policy & Guarantee, IFOAM –  Organics International

In 2017, we launched the ‘Global Policy Toolkit on Public Support to Organic Agriculture’, an overview of policies supporting organic agriculture along with tips and tools for advocates and policy-makers.

If you missed any of policy toolkit posts or would like to read something again, you can find them all here. Happy reading!

How Funding Research and Extension can Accelerate the Uptake of Organic

Over a two-year period, we documented numerous ways to promote organic agriculture on a policy level and also highlighted the impact these policies have when put into practice e.g. Tunisia is a good example of how sound policies on scientific research and extension can lead to outstanding results. Read more

How Policy-Makers can Promote Organic Sector Growth by Investing in Education

Organic agriculture is knowledge intensive. Much of the knowledge shared has not been relevant for organic farming nor in line with the principles of organic agriculture. Read more

How to Support the Growth of the Organic Sector by Funding Consumer Awareness Campaigns

Policy-makers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to invest public money in public goods. In terms of agriculture, this can mean allocating funds to encourage more farmers to go organic and more citizens to buy organic. Read more

Policies Supporting Alternatives to Third-party Certification can Increase the Uptake of Organic & Improve Livelihoods

Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS) are locally focused quality assurance systems. PGS are specially adapted to local markets and short supply chains. Supporting PGS development is a way to increase the uptake of organic agriculture and also improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers. Read more

How Collecting Data can Promote the Growth of Organic Agriculture

Over a two-year period, we collected data, studied examples of public support provided to organic agriculture in more than 80 countries and launched the results in a one-of-a-kind. Global Policy Toolkit. One of the many insights our research revealed is that having sound data is key to furthering the growth of the organic sector. Read more

Organic Public Procurement is a Win-Win Scenario for Farmers, Consumers & Public Goods

We are hearing more and more about the concept of public money for public goods. In other words that public money should be spent in a way that benefits public health and our surroundings, be of benefit to people and the planet. Read more

Facilitate the Growth of Organic by Ending Subsidies for Chemical Inputs

When planning ways to boost organic agriculture, we have to consider measures that promote the growth of the sector such as public procurement policies but also tackle those that work against organic e.g. subsidizing the purchase of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Read more

How Supporting Certification can Help Level the Playing Field for Organic

The ‘Global Policy Toolkit on Public Support to Organic Agriculture’, provides a comprehensive overview of how policies can support the growth of organic agriculture along with tips and tools for advocates and policy-makers. Read more

How Policies Supporting Investment can Ease the Transition to Organic Farming

The amount and extent of private investment plays a major role in the growth and success of any commercial sector. Organic agriculture is no exception to this economic reality. Read more

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Joelle Katto Andrighetto

Joelle Katto-Andrighetto, IFOAM – Organics International

Joelle manages the IFOAM Organic Guarantee System, including the IFOAM Family of Standards program, the IFOAM Accreditation Program, and the IFOAM Standard. She chairs the various technical committees that work on the development of the IFOAM Norms, namely the IFOAM Standard Committee, the IFOAM Accreditation Requirements Committee, and the IFOAM Standards Requirements Committee. Joelle also oversees the IFOAM PGS Program (Participatory Guarantee Systems) as well as advocacy efforts to promote organic market access.